Terrascope (UK) ("Bananas Foster" review 2011)

The Jigsaw Seen are established and well known American art-pop pranksters
whose new album "Banana Foster" features a number of advantageously
connected guests, including two of Brian Wilson's dogs. The eleven tracks
here are ambitious, often highly orchestrated mini-symphonies, opening with
'Bertha Brilliance' and 'David Hart's Name Of Song' which set out the
band's stall nicely. 'Melancholy Morning,' an album highlight, sounds
distinctly 'sixties, while 'Choreography Killed The Cat' (reminiscent of
The Rollo Treadway in sound and vocal style) is also a retro-popper. 'Where
The Action Isn't' rocks out, while 'Cave Canem' is a quiet little waltztime
cut. 'Crazy Legs' is another low-key cut based on a piano riff, while album
closer 'Jubilee' matches Rhodes piano with evocative lyrics and an anthemic
closing section. Variety and overall tone make this an impressive work.