the jigsaw seen

Songs Mama Used To Sing



While The Jigsaw Seen clearly has sent a valentine to it’s musical inspirations with 

Songs Mama Used To Sing, the band has also made numerous tribute LP 

appearances. Songs is the resulting combination, part Odds and Sods, part Pin

Ups. The covers are pretty straightforward, but delivered with the great verve and

gusto of an obsessive pop classicist who sees to details like the paper sleeve in

the CD-sized re-creation of a traditional LP release. THE BEE GEES’ “Melody 

Fair” and THE HOLLIES’ “On A Carousel” crackle with energy, THE LEFT 

BANKE’s “Desiree” soars and ARTHUR LEE’s “Luci Baines” (a nugget from     

Lee’s pre-LOVE group THE AMERICAN FOUR) smartly interpolates a 

glockenspiel-tinged reference to the classic descending riff found in “Something  

In The Air” and “Dear Prudence.” Other reasons to visit Mama include loving 

versions of THE WHO’s “Tattoo”, RAY DAVIES’ “This Is Where I Belong” and the    

harmonium gloom of THE YARDBIRDS’ “Still I’m Sad”.  Mick Lewis