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The Jigsaw Seen
What About Christmas? ***1/2
Yes, our hearts do beat with great expectation when we think about the coming of the Christmas box by Sufjan Stevens. But there is a great
chance that while we are rigging the Christmas tree we are listening to What About Christmas? by The Jigsaw Seen. Not so long ago we put a
spotlight on their very fine My Name Is Tom. It is now that the masters of psychedelic pop appear with a beautiful packaged Christmas single.
Well, ep is a far better description. Besides the great What About Christmas?, both in electric and acoustic versions, there are covers of the Bee Gees (First Of May), The Velvet Underground (Jesus) and The Ventures (Sleigh Ride). These songs are all covered with fire. Nothing
high-tech involved by the way. You can hear the audience spreading noise but that only adds to the intimacy that comes with the better of the Christmas records. What About Christmas? sounds great in both versions. It is a song about loneliness and her. Of course. In May.
What about Christmas?
What about promises?
What about you and me?
What about the way you look
When I look at you and no one sees?
(Wim Boluijt)