What About Christmas review in Entertainment News

The Jigsaw Seen "What About Christmas?" (Vibro-phonic)
The Jigsaw Seen, a daring power pop combo from L.A., take a tentative step towards holiday hi-jinks with this five song EP featuring two versions of the original title tune (one electric, one acoustic) and three live tracks recorded in a noisy nightclub in West Hollywood. Aside from its title, “What About Christmas” seems, on first hearing, to bear little relation to seasonal celebration -– it boasts a dense, urgent melody with more than a hint of psychedelic undertow. An instrumental take on “Sleigh Ride” done surf style adds a nice touch of novelty, while a more somber “Jesus” reinforces their spiritual side. Nevertheless, the most poignant entry comes in the form of a tasteful re-do of “First of May,” an early, though obscure, Bee Gees number that ranks among the most beautiful songs in the Brothers Gibb catalog, further proof of The Jigsaw Seen’s penchant for choosing creative covers.