MAGNET review of My Name Is Tom

The Jigsaw Seen "My Name Is Tom"
A grizzled 20-year veteran of L.A.’s pop music underground, The Jigsaw Seen is about due for a lifetime-achievement award. But that doesn’t mean the band’s career is over. It’s last full-length of originals, 2000’s Zenith, came complete with an unnervingly buoyant paean to fridge-stocking serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, proving it could still deliver the goods. Of the five songs here that made up 1991’s My Name
Is Tom EP, “Warehouse The Wicked” has a Who Sell Out-era Pete Townshend glow, and the cover of Love’s “The Daily Planet” is given a reverential sheen. “My Name Is Tom” logs the midnight creep of a peeping Tom with seven minutes of Jonathan Lea’s careening raga-rock guitar buzzing around frontman Dennis Davison’s evil-choirboy vocals like special effects from The Exorcist.
BONUS MATERIAL: Four unreleased tracks, including “The Best Is Yet To Come”, a ‘50s hit for Tony Bennett, with Davison’s pipes at their most stalwart. (Jud Cost)