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Shades Of David Gray 

15 November 2002 

The Jigsaw Seen’s bassist, David Nolte is currently playing rhythm guitar and keyboards on multi-platinum recording artist David Gray’s 2002/2003 world tour. The first leg of the tour concludes next month with 3 shows at Earl’s Court in London. The tour comes to the U.S. in January, with shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, among others. Nolte produced David Gray’s 1996 album “Sell, Sell, Sell”.  


For tour dates, click here.





Attack of the clones 

04 November 2002

The Jigsaw Seen’s Dennis Davison is quoted along with Ric Menck of Velvet Crush and Ken Stringfellow of the Posies in the Oct./Nov. issue of MAGNET. The article, “The 90’s, Attack of the Clones” is part of the magazine’s big “pop” issue.  


In other news, The Jigsaw Seen’s forthcoming album “Songs Mama Used To Sing” was mentioned in the October 31 edition of the Los Angeles Times.





ICE mag cometh 

28 October 2002

The following appears in the November issue of ICE magazine:


(The) Jigsaw Seen stitch together Songs Mama Used To Sing, an all-covers disc via Vibro-phonic on November 5. Half of the tracks have surfaced on other releases, but versions of The Who’s “Tattoo”, The Yardbirds’ “Still I’m Sad”, The Kinks’ “This Is Where I Belong” and Scott Walker’s “30 Century Man” are all new.





Kinky Internet only release 

22 Ocotber 2002

The Jigsaw Seen's Jonathan Lea and David Nolte appear on the new internet only CD release “Bugged…LIVE!” by Dave Davies of the Kinks. “Bugged…LIVE!” is available exclusively from the Dave Davies website. For more information or to purchase go to:


“Bugged…LIVE!” track listing:

intro/I Need You

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

Susannah’s Still Alive

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: harmonica & piano, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

Creepin Jean

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: slide guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

Blues/You’re Lookin’ Fine

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: rhythm guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

See My Friends

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: rhythm guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

The Lie

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: tremelo guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

Dead End Street

Dave Davies: vocal, guitar & kazoo, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

Picture Book

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: rhythm guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

Rock You, Rock Me

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: rhythm guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

True Phenomenon

Dave Davies: vocal, Jonathan Lea: bass, David Nolte: keyboards, Jim Laspesa: drums

Death Of A Clown

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: bass, David Nolte: piano, Jim Laspesa: drums


Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums


Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: bass, David Nolte: keyboards & rhythm guitar, Jim Laspesa: drums

I’m Not Like Everybody Else

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: rhythm guitar, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums

You Really Got Me

Dave Davies: vocal & lead guitar, Jonathan Lea: rhythm guitar & piano, David Nolte: bass, Jim Laspesa: drums





"Songs Mama Used To Sing" press release

02 Oktober 2002

Vibro-phonic Recordings is pleased to announce the latest release by the jigsaw seen: Dennis Davison (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Lea (guitar), David Nolte (bass) and Teddy Freese (drums). Songs Mama Used To Sing is the full-length follow up to their Grammy nominated 2000 release Zenith. The new album features interpretations of songs by some of the band’s favorite artists. The 10 songs on the album consist of 5 that were recorded in early 2002 and 5 that were previously available on various compilation albums. 

Songs Mama Used To Sing  opens ominously with Little Know Ye Who’s Coming, a nineteenth century dirge that warns of plague, pestilence, and Satan. The Who’s Tattoo is smeared by the prickly sounds of Leslie guitar and penny whistle. Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk has been transformed into a mammoth stampeding through a thunderstorm of feedback. Still I’m Sad maintains the Yardbirds’ original melancholia while e-bow guitars and mellotron reinforce the downbeat mood. A thrill ride version of the Bee GeesMelody Fair collides with the HolliesOn A Carousel at the midway. The Left Banke’s Desiree and Arthur Lee’s Luci Baines trade recipes with stylophone and glockenspiel being the main ingredients. 30 Century Man, written by Scott Walker is fleshed out with 20th century analog synthesizers. Concluding the album is a somber rendition of the KinksThis Is Where I Belong, with harmonium and mandolin culminating in a final chord. 

Songs Mama Used To Sing will be released in the U.S. on Tuesday, November 19, 2002 and will also be available in U.K/Europe through Shellshock distribution and in Japan through Massive/Sony.





"Koncerts with a Kink"

06 August  2002

Jonathan and David will be performing some upcoming shows with Dave Davies of the Kinks as members of his band. Dave and the band perform Kinks klassics such as “Death of a Clown”, “Susannah’s Still Alive” and “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” in addition to material from his solo albums.


08/28/02                        The Pound                                                San Francisco, CA

08/30/02                        Dakota Creek                                          Blaine, WA

09/01/02                        Bumbershoot Festival                             Seattle, WA

09/08/02                        The Coach House                                    San Juan Capistrano, CA





"Mama' revealed" 

19 July 2002

The Jigsaw Seen spent last weekend completing final mixes for their upcoming album “Songs Mama Used To Sing”. The sessions took place at Autobahn and Track Record in Los Angeles with Pete Magdaleno engineering. The album was then mastered on Tuesday with Nick Walusko at the Wondermints’ Studio Through Inner Space.

The final track listing is:

 1.    Little Know Ye Who’s Coming

 2.    Tattoo

 3.    Baby Elephant Walk

 4.    Still I’m Sad

 5.    Melody Fair

 6.    On A Carousel

 7.    Desiree

 8.    Luci Baines

 9.    30 Century Man

10.   This Is Where I Belong



I saw Stan Ross today

26 June 2002 

Dennis recently had the pleasure of spending a day with veteran actor/comedian Stan Ross. Mr. Ross, who’s catch phrase inspired the Jigsaw Seen’s song “I’m With You”, is best known for his appearance in Russ Meyer’s cult classic “Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls”. Stan came to prominence in the 1950’s through his regular television appearances on “The Jackie Gleason Show” and “The Milton Berle Show”. Stan seemed deeply honored by the band’s tribute and thrilled to have been such an inspiration.





"Songs Mama Used To Sing"

22 April 2002 

The Jigsaw Seen have a new album set for release this summer. “Songs Mama Used To Sing” features the band’s interpretations of 10 of their favorite songs. Included will be the previously released “Melody Fair” (Bee Gees), “Luci Baines” (Arthur Lee), “Baby Elephant Walk” (Henry Mancini), “On a Carousel” (the Hollies) and “Desiree” (the Left Banke). Rounding out the line up are 5 new tracks, including songs by the Who, Scott Walker and the Kinks. “Songs Mama Used To Sing” will be followed later in the year by a new studio album, which the band has been working on since January.





The Jigsaw Seen hit the big screen

08 April 2002

Dennis and Jonathan were interviewed on camera for the upcoming theatrical documentary “Public Access Hollywood”, following their performance last week at the Lava Lounge. The film will feature a segment on Christian Science puppeteer David Hart, the subject of the

Jigsaw Seen’s song “David Hart’s Name Of Song”. Footage of the band performing The song will also be included in the film, which is scheduled for release in 2003. 





Radio appearance

25 March 2002

Dennis and Jonathan will be guests at radio station WLUW 88.7 FM on Saturday, March 30 at 1:00 PM (Central Time). Dennis and Jonathan will perform a few songs and discuss their  appearance at the International Pop Overthrow festival, scheduled for Sunday, March 31. 

This radio appearance can also be heard on the internet at





Radio play for "Mama"

18 March 2002

Vibro-phonic recordings launched a limited radio campaign for “Perfformiad I Mewn Cymru” in late January, resulting in top 5 airplay at KTEK in Albuquerque, top 10 airplay at KCR in San Diego and top 30 airplay in numerous other markets. In addition, the disc was also added at 

internet radio juggernaut 3WK.