The Jigsaw Seen

U.S. release date: 12 September 2000
U.K. release date: available as U.S. import

by David Fufkin
PopMatters Music Critic

When it comes to beautiful women, I was always partial to the look of '60s icon, Twiggy. Sure, she was gorgeous, but it was not so much about her looks as about what you imagined she was like on a date. I always imagined the smell of Canoe (the unisex cologne which was the essential choice of Carnaby Street Mods) wafting over a cafe table as she discussed the brilliance of Fellini, or why there was just no comparing the body of work by The Beatles vs. The Stones. I can imagine talking about this CD with Twiggy on our date, and I think she would agree that this CD is worth checking out.


To start a review with a comment on artwork seems absurd, but this design is the best of the year, combining retro styling with ecopackaging for an absoloutely awesome look. The Seen and their crowd have style, and this package represents them well.


The opening track, "Letter to the Editor," has a very Big Star "In the Street" feel followed by a very spooky Stooges-like number. Any song with a repeating piano note brings me back to the classic "Gimme Danger" and this is no exception. The third track, the previously-recorded, "Celebrity Interview," is their calling card. Combining Bacharach-esque plucked cellos on the verses with power chord driven choruses, "Celebrity..." is worth the price of admission for its contrast, structure, melody and power. Track to track, if I had to make a comparison based on what I hear, The Jigsaw Seen borrow from such disparate influences as The Byrds, The Who, The Creation, Love and other West Coast bands from 1966 to 1969.


This is another strong melodic rock pop CD by the folks at EggBERT. In the last year, they have brought us excellent CDs by ex-Three O'Clock frontperson Michael Quercio (Jupiter Affect), and others well versed in the art of melody and the hook. EggBERT is another example that the best artists are being released and supported by smaller labels unfettered by the concerns of corporate types.


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