Russian review!

The following review, written and translated by Pavel Baleevsky, appears on Russian magazine Real Art's website (

The Jigsaw Seen "My Name Is Tom" (Vibro-phonic)
It was necessary to try very well that such remarkable band, which has released the first single in the end of the '80, remained unknown for a lerge amount of the listenners till now.
This disk is a reprint of EP of the 1991 "My Name Is Tom", plus five more bonus tracks. The best gift for the fan of garage rock and a psychedelia you can't find! 1991! Kurt Cobain sang to us about his unfortunate life, Biafra recorded the album with Nomeansno, wizards the Pixies have released "Trompe Le Monde", and at this time guys from The Jigsaw Seen have made a fantastic travel in time, having recreated not only a sound, but also spirit of the '60.
Classical for psychedelia elements of the east (guitar solo, the drums reminding tambourins, melodic), real melodies (beautiful and remembered not because of their three accords) and fine voices... And all is given with decent drive - garage moments sometimes turn almost into the real punk - rock ("Persephone Again").
I want to notice surf "Murder At The Luau" - here are the bonuses come - taking into account The Jigsaw Seen's love to clear guitars (melancholic "I'm So Happy Today"), it is necessary make an analogy with the Pixies... The Answer to the Rolling Stones - "Off Track" - the question is, certainly, about Rolling Stones in the period of "Beggars Banquet"... Garage horror "Eight Lancashire Lads" would honour any band from the Crypt Records. The disk however is ended with gloomy and grandiose "The Best Is Yet To Come".
It seems, that the dot in the album was put very early.
P.S.: fans of Love will find very pleasant gift on this disk.