"Sleep" review!

Beverly Patterson recently wrote the following review for the Princeton Record Exchange website:

Now here’s a great collaboration! Having initially achieved recognition in the eighties as the lead singer of  Wednesday Week, Kristi Callan has continued to pad her resume with a string of shining moments. Aside from carving out a nice solo career for herself, Kristi has also performed and recorded with famed figures such as Dave Davies and The Ventures, and currently fronts Dime Box Band. Active since the late eighties, The Jigsaw Seen is renowned for their bewitching brew of psychedelic pop rock. Discs like “Shortcut Through Clown Alley,” “My Name Is Tom” and “Zenith” are classics of their ilk, and have dutifully awarded the Los Angeles band flocks of fans. Administered by Kristi’s haunting vocals, “Sleep” stands as an electrifying slice of orchestrated pop splendor. Built upon a solid foundation of classy string arrangements and  trebly guitar work, the quirky atmospheric tune, which was composed by Kristi, sparkles with melodic radiance.
Dipping their toes into the Oasis songbook, Kristi and The Jigsaw Seen deliver a drifting, dreamy cover of “Morning Glory,” set in an acoustic format. As evidenced by this musically literate single, Kristi Callan and The Jigsaw Seen make an artistically compatible team.