The Big Takeover ("Sleep" review 2010)

Ah, an inspired L.A. veteran team-up! Callan goes back 30 years, leading winsome Warfrat Tales-era garage-popsters Wednesday Week and fronting two more recent female bands, the alt. country Dime Box, and Cheap Trick tribute act, Cheap Chick. Having released  a 2004 solo EP on Vibro-phonic, she returns backed by the label’s  22-year-old flagship: power-pop stalwarts Jigsaw Seen—who, in addition to their own valuable discography, compiled terrific early Bee Gees and Hollies tributes. 
Interestingly, both camps step out of character on these two gorgeous, hushed baroque-pop tracks. The Callan-penned “Sleep” radiates slow, ringing picked guitar kindness with singing violins’ warmth, as does the b-side cover of the (early, great) Oasis sophomore title track “Morning Glory,” with what sounds like a melotron, and Liam Gallagher’s bluster excised for cooing. Luscious lullaby loveliness!