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"My Name Is Tom" review by Beverly Paterson (May 15, 2006)

The Jigsaw Seen "My Name Is Tom" (Vibro-Phonic Recordings) Originally released as a five track EP on the Skyclad label in 1991, "My Name Is Tom" has at long last been reissued onto compact disc. And if that isn't enough to get your motor running, five extra tunes have been tacked onto the proceedings. I've always thought the Jigsaw Seen were one of the finest bands around and this record certainly confirms my beliefs. A brooding psychedelic tenor blankets the title cut of the disc. The delivery is intense, the arrangements are involved and a sense of mystery prevails. Clocking in at over seven minutes in length, "My Name Is Tom" is a real head trip, with its snaky sitar work and abstract lyrical content. The dark and edgy "Warehouse The Wicked" rates as another keeper and continues to emphasize the Jigsaw Seen's flair for doling out streams of polished harmonies and biting hooks. A cover of Love's "The Daily Planet" is tackled with confidence, "Murder At The Luau" sizzles with surf guitar shreddings and "The Best Is Yet To Come" pops and rocks with fervor. Stocked with clever songwriting, razor sharp technique and a willing to experiment, "My Name Is Tom" is a masterpiece of its kind and ripe for reappraisal. (