Winterland review

The Jigsaw Seen “Winterland” (Vibro-phonic)

The release of each new album from L.A. pop favorites The Jigsaw Seen is turning into an event of its own. The band’s 2010 Bananas Foster album now gives way to an even more accomplished pop effort called Winterland. Even if the weather outside says heat wave or hurricane, listening to Winterland is just a state of mind. All original kaleidoscopic images of winter times put into song is a pretty cool idea but these guys are pop legends and are up to the task. Sounding more like an album classic from 1969, Winterland features long time JS member Dennis Davison (vocals), along with Jonathan Lea (guitars), Tom Curier (bass) and Teddy Fresse. Not only is Winterland as interesting musically as Bananas Foster, but the prominent packaging is just as amazing. CD collectors take note; this is clearly the way to present a CD as a concept piece. Also taking part are a number of engineers including David Nolte, while the lone cover here—”Circle Of Steel” by Gordon Lightfoot—features harmony vocals from rock icon Dave Davies. Trust me, you won’t believe this timeless pop is about Christmas while the Winterland CD packaging also includes complimentary snow flakes just in case you forget.