Winterland review


This longtime LA band, basically led by Dennis Davison and Jonathan Lea , have been at it for over two decades. After an 8-year layoff, where fans like myself thought the band was gone for good, they returned in 2010 with the terrific BANANAS FOSTER and now, a year later comes this slow-cooking pop gem which seems to be a concept record about….erm, Winter (they are based in L.A….heck these two probably haven’t seen snow in decades). It’s an eclectic batch of songs for sure, more in line with 60’s records by some of their heroes: Love (FOREVER CHANGES, for sure), The Hollies, a touch of Syd Barrett here and of course some Brian Wilson there. Opener’ What About Christmas” chops along while soaring intermittently while the moodier, darker “December” is baroque pop at its finest. From there the songs seem to waver between the two camps, chirpy and upbeat (“Snow Angels of Pigtown”, “Candy Cane”, etc.) and darker /icier tunes (“Christmas Behind Me”, “Dreams of Spring:”, etc.) but either way they seem to be equally adept at either. Two records in two years, maybe a 3rd in 2012? Let’s hope so!