We Women

Music and Lyric by Dennis Davison


We women don’t need your alibis

Don’t take too kindly to your lies

Don’t need your insecure demands

Walks in the garden, holding hands

We women could shake your tambourine

Like nothing that you’ve ever seen

Seductively bang on your drum

Then end the show and leave you numb

We are your mothers, and you know if you behave

We’ll give you everything you crave

We women could end the human race

If we’d keep our legs tightly in place

We’ll bend your gender left and right

Then leave you lying a sorry sight

We are your sisters and we’re not impressed at all

We’ll prop you up so you can fall

We are your conscience and we’ll haunt your memory

We’ll wallow in your misery

We women are very much like you, though we control all that you do

We’re tired of taking all the blame pretending that we are so lame

We women